Peru captain Guerrero to miss World Cup after doping ban increased

ZURICH News Service- On Monday the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) said that Peru Captain Paolo Guerrero will not be able to take part in the World Cup going to be held in Russia after his doping ban, which recently expired thus, making the time span increase from six to 14 months.
CAS said that Guerrero was found positive for use of cocaine after a World Cup qualifier in Argentina in October. The peerless soccer player Peru did not aspire to enhance his performance while at the game, instead, he was a snag.
While recording a message broadcast on Peru’s Canal N. the soccer player said- “This is very hard for me,”
“Today I feel like my dreams, first of playing football and second of playing in a World Cup after 36 years, I feel like they’re gone.
“This is a very dark hour, dark due to what I’m going through, but I want to reiterate to my country, to my people, that I have never taken any kind of drugs.
“To the people who’ve contributed to this shameful injustice (I say to them), you are stealing my World Cup and perhaps also my career. I hope you can sleep at night.”- He added later.
His sabbatical would conspicuously gush for Peru who has been entitled to take part in the World Cup for the first time. Australia, France, and Denmark have made it up into the group C.
“We will, without doubt, miss Paolo in Russia but we are convinced that our team, with its courage and tenacity, will do Peru proud. No matter how tough the adversity, it will not stop our team.”- said, Guerrero, while discussing on the proceedings with his lawyer.
Coca leaves permeated with tea is an unprocessed ingredient used for the cure of altitude sickness said CAS while defending Guerrero from the anti-doping violation.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on May 16, 2018

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