Discord between Congress Leader Shashi Tharoor and wife Sunanda says Police

The Delhi Police has made use of the psychological analysis report of five persons that included Shashi Tharoor Congress MP. Details of the couple’s careworn relationship was established from his domestic sources. This led his wife Sunanda Pushkar to be high on anti-depressants.
On Monday, Delhi Police filed a charge sheet which included the ill mental condition of the leader and worsened effects on his wife.  A report from of AIIMS has also been attached to the charge sheet. It holds information related to Alprax depressant tablets which are the main culprit behind his death.
Some unnamed sources have said that the analysis report though not licit in court but can help determine the actual reason for death. He also added that it is enough to back the found evidencesuch as the statement of people who knew about the strained relationship of the couple, autopsy reports, and phone messages.
“A team of psychological experts spoke to the five persons who knew the couple and met them before Pushkar’s death. We did have evidence of the couple’s strained relationship and scuffle, which is admissible in court. To substantiate that, the psychological profiling of these five characters helped build our case,”- said an officer of Delhi Police.
While a scrutiny into Pushkar’s death a senior officer from the Delhi police said “This is not the first time when a case of alleged murder turned out to be a suicide. This involved a politician and a celebrity so everyone knows about it. We registered a murder case so that we do not miss out on anything in our investigation.”
Since 2014 his death probe had a wide range of turns. As a year passed by the police has considered it as a murder, however, did not disclose the name of an accused.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on May 15, 2018

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