From Guddi to Mili, how Jaya Bachchan was India’s true middle class heroine

Today is the 70th birthday of the “girl next door” of the Hindi Cinemas of the 1970s- Jaya Bachchan. That she could be the banked upon and even play multiple roles of daughter, sister, friend and also the beloved was proved repeatedly in the movies like Mili, Guddi, Parichay, Koshish and Bawarchi among many others.

It was difficult to visualize a leading Bollywood female actor to be fully covered with the pallu of the sari safely pulled over her shoulder and yet attaining such huge stardom. That was Jaya Bhadurback then in the initial years of 1970.

As for Jaya Bhaduri who later became Jaya Bachchan it was the strength of her personality as a girl next door which won her a special distinction among many. She was the ideal candidate for such a role just owing to her ordinariness which became her biggest calling card and very soon her dependability also became her biggest forte. It was these same features that she imbibed to the characters played by her on screen and these features will eventually get related to her.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 9, 2018

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