Karnataka Elections Results Now Live: Congress is trying to grab power, people concluded for BJP says Yeddyurappa

While counting votes for coming to an end of the Karnataka elections, it was found that the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) has taken over the Congress by a huge leap. The figures are to be announced later in the day. Keep updated with us to catch the live update.
The announcement of the Karnataka election brought BJP fans a huge ecstasy. It has won over the Congress and marked a big lead. Congress got in touch with former Prime Minister Deve Gowda’s JD(S) in order to keep BJP out of power in the southern provinces. Karnataka enrolled a voter muster of 72% on May 12.
In a state where exit polls displayed a hung assembly after a fierce electoral war, the BJP was ahead by 104 seats and the Congress in 78 and JD 37. The results depicted 222 of the 224 seats in the assembly with voting revoked in two constituencies.
Live Updates of the 2018 election results Karnataka
4.05pm: The conclusion is for the BJP and the defeat of the Congress was a true forlorn, says BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa.
The people have denied accepting Congress as their leader. Therefore, BJP has been a better substitute for the Congress party.
4:01 pm: Chief minister Siddaramaiah walks into the Governor’s House in Bengaluru. Later he loses to Deve Gowda of the JD(S) by over 35,000 votes.
3:40 pm: “Wait and watch, the cup will be ours.”- said JD(S) leader Saravana to the ANI.
3 pm: The JD(S) and the Congress have collaborated to hold a meeting with the Karnataka Governor in the evening reported KC Venugopal.
2:50 pm– At the end, the Congress will be accepted in the Karnataka elections and then it will support the JD(S) in order to construct a government says Siddaramaiah.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on May 15, 2018

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