Karnataka election results: For governor, no scripted path, only precedents, and conventions

In the meeting with the Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala, the Janata Dal-Secular Congress and the BJP alliance have to be braced.

In meetings with the governor Vajubhaui Vala, the JDs and the BJP have trailed to follow the alliance post elections. There are a total number of 224 seats in the state of which polls were held to 222. The BJP won 104, the JDs 38 and the Congress, 78 seats of which the polls were held to 222. The Congress-JD(S) also claims the underpin of the two independents.

The wraith of a hung assembly in Karnataka, with the BJP groove away from a clear majority, has set off an accustomed constitutional puzzle. However, the question ‘who should the governor summon to form the next government?’ still remains alive.

The governors of Goa, Manipur, and Meghalaya choose to turn a blind eye towards the single party, which were later censured by the Congress. While describing the governor ‘Sanjay Hedge’ the senior lawyer of the Supreme Court and a maven on Constitutional matters said- “He or she (the governor) has to invite the leader of a party or an alliance who in his or her opinion is likely to command the confidence of the House.”

Analysts say a multitude of possibilities and storyline that have emanated after the Karnataka poll elections results have made it a stout call. “If the BJP were to be invited and manages to break the JD(S), it has to steer clear of falling foul of the anti-defection law. Whatever decision the Governor takes, whether calling the single largest party or another alliance, he mustn’t take any unnecessarily step that could encourage or precipitate horse trading,”- said the former secretary general of the Lok Sabha GC Malhotra.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on May 16, 2018

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